"The defining moment in my life is the day that I became a mother, and our attorney placed my son in my arms.  I drew him to me, breathed him in, memorizing his unique scent, imprinting his essence into my very being.  It brought me full circle.  I knew that this was a very special calling in my life, to be with this soul, and to share my life with this child.  To this day, I revel in his unique perfume.

Written while waiting to pick up her son from pre-school, A Very Special Child was born.  Debra wanted to tell the story in a spiritual way, and in such a manner that would make a child proud to be adopted. She also felt that it was important to reinforce the fact that he or she was loved from the very beginning. These feelings, therefore, were her muse, and A Very Special Child sprang from her heart, virtually complete with the first writing.



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Original Oil "Eternity" for Stands With Wings

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