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To tell you the truth, my publisher wore me down.  Through the years of knowing each other and sharing life histories, she had heard the story of my childhood and how I came to be an adoptive mother.  “You need to write this down,” she would say, and I would demur.  I knew that the writing of it would be highly emotional, upsetting, almost traumatic.  But then I thought, why not?  How many times had I wished that I knew the full story of my mother, my grandmother, my grandfather.  So, for my son, I decided to go ahead with the project and deal with the pain that came with it.

It was painful.  Through the telling of the first half of my life I sobbed, I agonized, I relived the pain, but somehow, with it came healing.  Then I got to the part where the darkness receded, and the light entered my life.  Now my tears were those of joy.

So I have written down the story of how I came to be, how I struggled through a lonely and sometimes violent childhood, and how I found joy through the marriage of my husband and the adoption of my son.

I have written this exactly how I remember it, and I sincerely hope that my brothers and sisters who have suffered as I have, find within my story their own release from pain, and a way to break the cycle of abuse.

Debra Shiveley Welch



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