Christopher was born with a moderately severe clefting of the lip, gums and hard and soft palates, and has several learning differences. He is ADD, Dysgraphic and has Working Memory and Executive Function Deficit. None of which deter this creative young man.

He is adopted and very proud of it. “I like being a ‘very special child.’ I was chosen, and I think that is something very nice. It’s cool that Mom wrote a book about it, just for me. I think I may adopt some day too.”

Chris is a sushi chef and an accomplished musician.  He is currently going to college and wants to establish a career both in the culinary arts and photography.

His first work, “Christopher Bullfrog Catcher, was written when Christopher was eleven-years-of-age. Published in 2006 has been on the Best Sellers list on Amazon and

Currently Christopher is workingas co-author with his mother on Christopher’s Family Table – Heritage from Adopted Kin and Clan, a companion cook book to Son of my Soul - The Adoption of Christopher, his mother’s best selling autobiography.

He lives with his mother and father in Central Ohio alongside the Lake that appears so prominently in his work. He can be reached through his mother’s email address at



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